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Post by Y'lynne on Mon Jul 20, 2015 1:24 pm

Welcome to Phantasmics — a virtual world of space stuff and explosions and, well...adventure, I suppose.

Click here to find character sheets (plus a form to fill out to join!)


  • You'll have to come up with your adventurer's name (be as creative as you like!).
    You can look at your character's race (see link two bullets below) for name influences.

  • Choose your character's alignment. (Click on each name to read a brief faction synopsis.)
    - Beta Crypt
    - Gama Centurion
    - Lyliath Interplanetary Rebellion
    - Unaffiliated

  • After this, you'll have to determine what your character looks like.
    This is heavily dependent on the race you either select or create.
    (Click here for a documentation on all races in our universe.)

  • Select your character's ability, if any. Then, choose an anti-effect for your chromosomal replacement/mutation.
    - Click here to read about Phantasmics
    - Click here to learn about Manics.

  • Give us details on your character's personality, which can be derived from racial attributes, faction alliance,
    or history and environment. Let us know what they like and dislike.

Once you get the gist of it all, click here to go to the character form. c:

You're also welcome to create a backstory for your character and post it here!

If you have any further questions, please message Y'lynne (me) or Omniel. ~

See you around!

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