Creation of Gamma Centurion

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Creation of Gamma Centurion  Empty Creation of Gamma Centurion

Post by Omniel on Wed Jul 22, 2015 11:01 pm

Gamma Centurion a faction formed out of fear, by those who do business outside the laws of the Lyliath Interplanetary System. Thieves, Liars, Outcast, and those that do things so unspeakable most creatures cower in terror at the mere mention of their names. What started as a way to stay out of the hands of the law, turned to a power hungry grab for control of the newly emptied spot that the assassination carried out by one of our own has left in the Beta Crypt. Jaqre Y’kahn has come up with a plan to take complete control over the system, by creating an army of those whose posses the power of Phantasmics and Mantics. With his control of the System he will create a total dictatorship with himself at the helm and those loyal to him being rewarded with their very dreams coming true. Nothing will stand in his way that he and his band of outlaws won’t cut down.

Age: 22
LC: 510
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