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The Short Of it Anyway Empty The Short Of it Anyway

Post by Konjaku on Tue Oct 13, 2015 10:58 pm

Noi Tome and the Short of it

Born in a back alley to a corpse of a woman, Noi was not born without a name. Almost immediately after he was born Noi was traded to slavers for a mediocre sum of drugs. Hardly worth the single sale value Noi was sold at a wholesale price along with an assortment of other slaves to a genetics company. There he spent 12 years in a single 8x7 cell as scientists frivolously experimented on him. During his twelve years as a lab rat he was nothing more than a number as was expressed by the seven character brand around his right ankle. He knew not of the world he lived on or the many across the galaxies that dotted the vast expanses of the space. He did not know words to form thoughts, merely emotions. His thoughts were based on sensation and many a hedonist tendency became prevalent in his self preservation attempts. He struggled against restraints. Fought guards and scientist alike without either hesitation or discrimination. Every other person was his enemy as far as his primitive thoughts could discern. They caused him pain, brought him to pain, or brought him back from pain. Not everything hurt but nothing was nice. He never knew of warmth of a metaphysical nature merely the warmth of blood as it trickled from wounds.
The 13th year of his imprisonment brought with it many a change. As he had survived every test and experiment so far and in one physical piece Noi was nominated and cleared for testing of something referred to by the people testing on him as PR. Noi was not restrained for this experiment which puzzled him deeply. He was administered a shot like a vaccine and then left in a gymnasium like room with objects he had never before seen. Objects of varying geometric shapes and sizes. After 15 minutes of familiarizing himself with these objects his blood began to feel as though it were boiling. His whole body became wracked with an agony he had never experienced before. He screamed and began to seize. He collapsed from the pain. He awoke and his mind felt different. He felt as though he didn’t fit in his own skin. His first thoughts were to escape his skin and to his amazement it began to peel before his very eyes. He panicked. When he did the shapes in the room began to shake. A voice came on an intercom. “Relax 764. Your new powers are tied to emotions. The more you feel the more they react.” Noi did as was instructed and relaxed. Passing the test meant living. Living was good. Listening meant living. Powers? Noi thought. His mind suddenly became a rabbit hole of possibilities. Twisting, turning, until finally he reached his destination. Freedom. No more tests. No more needles. No more strange voices. Then it hit him. He knew words. How did he know words? What had they done to him? No matter. They hurt him and they must be hurt. Know how he felt. Fear as he feared.
` Rage. Hatred. Agony. He focused these feelings inward. Remembered everything that had ever been done to him. The cutting, the needles, the restraints. Everything that have ever caused him pain. Pain. It all came to him at once. he collapsed on himself and writhed in agony. His body recalled every last ounce of pain. He lost all sense of control and in it became very apparent in the room around him.
As his body suffered the room around him became a roller coaster ride of geometric objects. Some spinning in place, others orbiting relative to him, and others whose trajectories were sporadic. A twister of immense proportions to shape in Noi’s mind and so it became reality. The intercom was blaring indecipherable blather that was unpleasant to Noi’s ears. His head shot backward from his kneeling position. His eyes and mouth drawn wide and suddenly the intercom was no more. Neither was the twister. In its wake was a hole in what was once a portion of thought to be solid wall. Where the wall had been collapsed several scientists were pinned beneath the rubble. A fortunate few died on impact. Some still fled for their lives while sirens began to wail. Lockdown protocol had begun.
A seemingly impregnable defense became the demise of everyone in the building. Noi left the facility wearing nothing more than a tattered, bloodstained lab coat and the intestinal tract of his last victim as a scarf. The facility he destroyed, STARS Pharmaceuticals Laboratory, was a major player in intergalactic medicinal experiments. What was salvaged from the wreckage of the security footage earned him the title of, “Desecrator of the STARS”. It would also make him one of the cosmos’ most wanted men. Unsure of what to do with himself Noi simply turned himself in. Tried and convicted on all of the thousand charges he was sentenced to eternity on a prison installation planet.
Upon arrival to the planet Noi made his presence known. He experimented with his powers in the most gruesome of fashions. From precision torture to wholesale slaughter he earned himself the title, “Demon Cat of the Seventh System.” His telekinetic powers earned him a vile reputation off world as well. It was upon hearing this reputation that one particular mercenary company sought him out. Being unable to complete a job of a wonderful pay grade many a person was sent to invite him join the group until half the troupe was left. In a desperate effort to get paid the leader himself went to entice Noi. After a fun bout of combat Noi could not best the leader in combat and in exchange for this loss Noi promised his services.
Fast forward another twenty two years and two more titles, “Nekomata, and Cat’s Eyed Killer” Noi earned himself and his mercenary troop a dubious reputation as some of the most ruthless cutthroats the star systems have ever seen. Kept under control by one being and solitude Noi agreed to isolation in exchange for being let off world to have “fun” whenever a job was requested. We now find Noi on one such job somewhere in uncharted space on a densely forested planet.

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