The Beginnings of the Beta Crypt

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The Beginnings of the Beta Crypt Empty The Beginnings of the Beta Crypt

Post by Omniel on Wed Jul 22, 2015 10:11 pm

Many generations of memories ago, far before the creation of the PR drugs, on a planet known for its cruel slave and caste system a young man sought to rise. He was born a slave and was lowly to those who were born into the stations above him. He resented those who had control of him and who looked on him as if he was lower the dirt dirt beneath their shoes. He began to quietly spread his ideas among the other slaves. Eventually through his charisma and charm brought together an unlikely group of other like minded slaves who also sought to throw off the yoke of slavery. They fought hard and were victorious in their coup.

This young man, whose name has since passed from memory, formed a business venture. To show those who had sought to control him and those who would seek to in the future he named his business Alpha. He wished for all who saw his business's name to know they were dealing with the top.

Alas, his dreams were too far reaching a younger and smarter generation came to pass. They took his business and from it formed the Beta Crypt. From that business grew the empire that it was when Aegeon Kah took over and was at his untimely passing.

Now the Beta Crypt seeks to hold itself together and reform into the empire it was. Some seek to do so through conquering all those who oppose them, while others seek to rebuild from the ashes of tragedy. But, all members of Beta Crypt can agree that once again, no matter how long it takes, they will control the Lyliath Interplanet System again.

Age: 22
LC: 510
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