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Post by Y'lynne on Sat May 16, 2015 5:08 pm

Standard Mission Supplies

You start off with a small adventure bag [holds 12 units] and 0500LC once your character sets his or her course. Choose your supplies wisely!

[0050LC] [1] Water Canteen
[0100LC] [2] 10 Days of Food Rations
[0100LC] [1] Prepared Meal
[0100LC] [1] Prescription Medicine
[0150LC] [3] Bag of Fruit
[0150LC] [3] Pizza
[0150LC] [2] Sushi Box
[0200LC] [1] Pain Medication
[0300LC] [1] Antidote
[0400LC] Medium Adventure Bag [Holds 15 Units]
[0400LC] [2] Sleeping Bag
[0500LC] [4] Pop-up Survival Tent
[0700LC] Large Adventure Bag [Holds 20 Units]

[0050LC] [1] Rebellion Standard Issue Utility Knife
[0100LC] [1] Rebellion Standard Issue Dagger
[0200LC] [1] Rebellion Standard Issue Pistol
[0200LC] [2] Rebellion Standard Issue Blaster
[0200LC] [3] Rebellion Standard Issue Bow
[0200LC] [2] Rebellion Standard Issue Blade Fan
[0300LC] [4] Rebellion Standard Issue Sword
[0300LC] [3] Rebellion Standard Issue Axe
[0300LC] [4] Rebellion Standard Issue Polearm
[0400LC] [1] Astyx Industries Dagger
[0400LC] [1] Astyx Industries Pistol
[0500LC] [2] Astyx Industries Blaster
[0500LC] [3] Astyx Industries Bow
[0500LC] [2] Astyx Industries Blade Fan
[0600LC] [4] Astyx Industries Sword
[0600LC] [3] Astyx Industries Axe
[0600LC] [4] Astyx Industries Polearm
[0800LC] [1] Gen. 6 Laser Blade
[0800LC] [1] Gen. 6 Flare Pistol
[0900LC] [2] Gen. 6 Elemental Blaster
[1000LC] [3] Gen. 6 Crystalline A.R.C. Longbow/Shortbow
[1000LC] [2] Gen. 6 Power Shard Fan
[1200LC] [4] Gen. 6 Circumonium Sword
[1200LC] [3] Gen. 6 Circumonium Axe
[1200LC] [4] Gen. 6 Crystalline-Tipped Polearm

Armor [Unit Count is for Clothing Carried -- Not Worn]
[0050LC] [1] Rebellion Standard Issue Combat Gloves
[0050LC] [2] Rebellion Standard Issue Combat Boots
[0100LC] [1] Fuzzy Slippers
[0200LC] [3] Rebellion Standard Issue Uniform
[0300LC] [2] Random Cool Hat [Dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnn!]
[0300LC] [1] Epic Sunglasses of Awesomeness
[0400LC] [3] Frozen Nether Gloves and Boots Utility Set
[0400LC] [3] Frozen Nether Rebellion Uniform
[0400LC] [3] Hellflare Gloves and Boots Utility Set
[0400LC] [3] Hellflare Rebellion Uniform

Age: 23
LC: 560
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