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Birthname is 'Aperi Ipsum', though she's called 'Nightcrawler', 'Murderer', 'Monster' and many other names you'd call something that lurks in the dark, a single step away from snapping and killing everything in her path.

Aperi is Phantasmic. I'm not sure if you'd even call her that, though. She's gotten her claws on a lot of the stuff in dirty trades, killings and thieving sprees during the first break-out of the drug; she's a mere shell of what she used to be. Though she still looks for more vials of the rare drug, she hasn't had much luck after the initial craze- the pickings are scarce, and even though she has found more recently, her chromosomes have gotten to the point where they've become totally immune to the effects of [PR].

She's injected more vials than she can count- her blood is practically made of the drug at this point, but her genes refuse to mutate any more; be it for better or for worse. She still tries, however; and her addled mind is unlikely to give up on the chase. All of her ill-gained coin is put towards locating more.

She's absolutely insane - nothings works quite strait in her head. She's constantly bombarded by voices in her mind that scream and chatter, making it hard to focus on anything but trying to make them shut up.

She can't really talk without immense concentration (or the help of drugs), and even then her words are garbled and tend to be difficult to understand. It's not a rare thing for her to have sudden, short seizures that leave her dazed and quiet for a while afterwords - this usually happens when she's exposed to flashing lights or sudden, loud noises. The seizures can sometimes be long and violent, however, and may leave her unconscious for long periods of time.

Related to this, her limbs may suddenly spasm and grab uselessly at nearby things without her consent. They will oftentimes wound her (or others within their reach) in their flailing. She also has a sort of Tourette's Syndrome, where she may suddenly scream, or shout unrelated things without being provoked into doing it.

Aperi also has a constant, unending hunger because of a lack of connection of the nerves in her stomach to her brain. She could have just swallowed down twenty pounds of meat, and she'll still feel like she hasn't eaten for days. Even if she did have this connection, she would still most likely be in a permanent state of hunger, due to the fact that her body consumes so much energy on a constant basis just to keep her basic organs running. She has to eat at least half of her body weight every day in order to keep from starvation.

She is completely incapable of reproduction, as any genetics even resembling either gender have been mutated beyond use. Though Aperi refers to herself as female, she is genderless.

She has weirdly enlarged, multi-jointed limbs (as well as an extra pair) that cause her to have issues when it comes to fitting through smaller spaces (AKA: average doorways, windows, ect.), and since they are weaker than the average limb they break easily than most- not to mention more painfully.

Her jaws are unable to close completely due to the thick ropes of muscle that power her bite. She tends to drool a lot because of this, and her tongue will sometimes hang out uselessly. This isn't a huge downfall, but it still annoys her, given as she still has the frame of mind to prefer keeping herself hygienic.

Despite the fact that there is a war going on due to the very drug that she was addicted to, she cares not about the warring legions or their issues. She only cares about her job and her survival.

[¿ǫᴜᴇʀʏ__ᴇᴛʜɴɪᴄ ᴏʀɪɢɪɴ]:
Aperi is human. Or, she was originally. Her figure is now unrecognizable to all but the most skilled at identifying Phantasmic-ravaged creatures. She is often just mistaken as some unfamiliar alien that ended up on the planet through a mistake in shipping security.

She's never been one to keep track of her age, so she herself is not aware of it. She was 27 during the initial break-out of [PR] in 3003, so she's around 52 currently; though she has not aged whatsoever now that her genes have come to a standstill after the final dose of [PR] that effected her and triggered her immunity to the drug, as well as genetic modification.

Aperi is pretty much a common 'street-rat', sitting in alleyways and indulging herself in whatever drugs she can find to numb the voices in her head. When night hits, however, she slinks into the basement of an old, abandoned building in the slums of the Lyliath Interplanetary Region. It now serves as a sort of illegal bar, serving spirits and drugs from all over. She is well-known in that specific area of the slums, and if you know of her name then you're probably well-educated on the businesses of the slum-dwellers.

She's an assassin popular among gang and mafia bosses, known to them as 'The Nightcrawler'. They only know what she does and what she looks like, however; any other information circulated on the topic are just rumors and tales. She'll pretty much take any job, if the coin is right- if she doesn't decide she should eat you instead of your intended target. She often causes sudden disturbances in the bar because of the sudden ingestion of a would-be customer, but the people there are used to it happening. It soon returns to the usual hum of chatter and drunken laughter.

Few know that she is a Phantasmic, and even fewer know that she was once human.

She stands at 10'7", when her legs are stretched strait and her back isn't arched, but tends to hunch and keep her limbs folded close to be able to fit into normal surroundings, leaving her at about 6'3".

Despite her height, Aperi is very thin, with bones like a bird's, so she is very light for her size- only 118 pounds.

Once a tall, light-skinned and fair-haired woman, Aperi's addiction to [PR] has caused her good looks to fade to hell. What was once a kind, angular face is now an off-white 'mask'; a second skull that grew over her head. It originally covered her eyes, but with the help of sharp objects, holes have been carved in to expose the blue, slit-pupiled orbs. A wide smile was added to allude people into thinking she does, indeed, wear a mask.

When her lower jaw opens up just beneath it to reveal three rows of uneven, razor-sharp teeth, however, the illusion is ruined. Her jaw is wide and heavily muscled, and her bite exceeds the pressure of 200 pounds per square inch. Her teeth break very easily, and are often left in the victim's flesh after a bite is released, though they fall out and grow back just as easily. Her tongue is long and often hangs out; it's weird purple hue and ringed appearance often compared to a large worm.

Her skin in a sickly yellow due to it's thickness. While it is not scaled, it might as well be; the texture is nearly identical to that of scales, and the thickness of the skin provides nearly the same protectional value.

Her head is adorned with two sets of curled horns, and her jawline has four bony protrusions on each side that appear to have been teeth at some point. Her neck is long, with bony ridges down the center, and it is able to swivel each direction 360 degrees, (Basically saying, her head spins like an owl's).

Her larger set of shoulders hold a set of long arms with four joints in each of them. The hands on these arms are more similar to talons than anything else, but still have the capability of grasping things like a normal hand is able to. The smaller set of shoulders is slightly below the first, and have smaller arms more comparable to a normal human's, but dwarfed. They too, are clawed, and have normal grasping abilities, but are much more susceptible to sudden, uncontrolled movement. The flesh around their reach tends to be torn due to this, even though Aperi heals very quickly.

Her back continues down for a while before there are legs, giving her an almost Chinese-Dragon appearance. Like her neck, bony growths protrude out of her spine, but grow longer and more dense in the center. Her legs are similar to her dominant pair of arms, functional talons and all, but are more muscular and a darker yellow than the rest of her body. They are perfect for the enormous, powerful leaps she often uses them for.

She normally walks on her legs and dominant arms, but if there is room for it, she can stand on on her legs and reach much faster speeds. She usually walks with an awkward limp, even if she is not wounded, due to a habit she had formed when she was still human.

A long, lizard-like tail trails limply along after her, it's color the same darker tone of yellow as her legs. It is often just still, assisting with balance, but it is prehensile and able to lash at things with whip-like speeds, creating that famous snapping noise akin to a whip as it breaks the sound barrier. The tail is often seen wrapped around a meal (dead body) Aperi is working on.

Aperi is, despite being completely insane, incredibly intelligent. It is very, very hard to fool her; though people try to often due to her primal, more animalistic and doltish appearance. Those people are eaten.

When she is able to speak, she is rude and her words are often laced with sarcasm. She is often under the influence of common drugs that calm the mind; though instead of making her slower, she is able to think much more clearly as the voices in her mind are dulled to a quiet humming, and the spastic movements of her limbs are limited. She is able to focus and speak almost normally at these times.

When she is not able to ingest these drugs, though, she'll go into withdrawl... and forget that she even needs them. Every shred of an actual personality is lost, and she turns into something completely animal. She hides during the day, sleeping off whatever meal she had before, and rips whatever creature she can find to shreds during the night. Weeks can go by like this until she is in a calm enough state to realize she is off of the illegal substances that keep her calm. She will take them again, and the cycle will repeat itself.

Classically, Aperi is a fan of ripping people apart while they're still alive, and then eating them in front of their families. She also enjoys the basics, like draping intestines around her neck because they're pink, and she likes pink, and she thinks pink is pretty. Aperi likes things that are pink and red, basically, and will usually try to eat things that are pink and red... because they're her favorite. It sounds repetitive, but it's pretty much what she enjoys. Murder and colors.

She doesn't really hate anything, or have negative feelings towards anything. It's not that she's not capable of hating things, it's just that she feels dedicating emotions and energy towards something as stupid as hate is a waste of her time. She does dislike being touched, however, as she does not trust anything when it comes to that matter. You may lose your hands if contact is attempted.

Though Aperi fights with teeth and claws, she was a very skilled marksman during her time as a human. This skill did not fade away, but is not usually used. Give her a gun, (or four), and you'll have a very capable sharp-shooter on your hands. She typically is not able to get her claws on guns, though, as she prefers investing money elsewhere.

[¿ǫᴜᴇʀʏ__ᴘᴇʀsᴏɴᴀʟ ᴀɴᴛʜᴇᴍ]:
Her theme is Panda Eyes & Teminite's 'High Score' - (Click for a link to the song!)

Or, alternatively, Fever Ray's 'If I Had A Heart' - (Here's a link to that as well!)

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