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Post by Danika on Fri Jul 24, 2015 1:56 pm

The only thing I know, is that the slave trade is where my story begins. I don't know how I got here. I don't know who my parents were. I was barely a baby when I was thrown into this hell hole. All I know is that this is not where I'm supposed to be…
Wolfgang was only 6 when I met her. She was still unconscious when they threw her limp body onto the stack of hay next to mine. There were kids inducted into the slave trade all the time, but this was the first time I shared a cell with one. Wolfgang was so sweet an innocent; it made her weak. She accepted life as a slave in just a heart beat. Her strength was the ability to sense emotion. I can't hide my sorrow, fears, or anger from her. She always knows. She has this connection that nobody else sees. She just understands. She grew to be like a little sister to me. And I vowed to protect her.
I made Wolfgang cry today. I was tired of her hopeless attitude and unwillingness to even try thinking about escaping. She said we were nothing. We aren't nothing! We're living beings with souls. I reassured her. I know I can get us out of here and we can be happy.
I thought that injecting the SPR I found in the vacant room of the slavery facility would make us stronger. I was wrong. I put her in a worse state than before I forced the injections upon us. Now she's blind in one eye, lost feeling in her left hand, and can't hear in her left ear. I always feel guilty. She senses it and tells me not to worry. What's more is I just can't sleep. Every once in a while, I would accidentally brush against someone, and get a vivid flash of useless information. From visions of brushing teeth to carving a tally on the wall, the only vision that bothered me was the one I saw when touching Wolfgang. Yes she was running without any indication of still being in the slave trade, but I wasn't beside her and the person Wolfgang encounters seemed familiar somehow.
Finally my chance has come! My power may be useless, but we escape tonight.
Heart pounding, I follow Wolfgang and Asther. The alarm was ringing in my ears. I know we're close. Suddenly, a jolt of electricity cuts through my body.  It doesn't hurt me but I've never felt this sensation before. I fall to my knees and watch Wolfgang turn around. Everything goes black and I can hear her screaming my name. We were so close. I'm sorry, Wolfgang.
I woke up, head pounding. Everything was a blur. Slowly my vision came to focus. I was neatly tucked into a bed. The floors were clean. Everything was new, contained, and… wrong. The door across the room opened, and someone was backing in with a cart. They turned around, took one look at me and quickly rushed out. I tried to lift my arm to get up, but I quickly discovered that my whole body had been strapped down. So this wasn't such a nice place. Minutes later, a hulking, muscular, and horned creature lumbered in, filling up half of the room. “So you're awake now.” Came a rough voice from his ugly face. “Where am I?” I demanded, “Where's Wolfgang?” He chuckled. “It's interesting. You're race is nearly extinct, you're the only one I've seen.” He began coming closer, shaking the floor with each step. “What's more is you've got quite a… useful strength.” I wanted answers, not his nonsense. “What are you talking about? The only thing I can do is see useless visions. Unstrap me!” I spat. “Really? When we electrocuted you, electricity shot from your hands. Most unusual.” I stared at his uniform, I couldn't stand his face but I was a little perturbed. “I'll give you a choice. You work for me, you'll never be mistreated like a slave again, and be respected for serving under one of the most prestigious slave operators known… or…. You could be thrown into one of my research labs to be cut apart and examined. I almost wanted to do it right away, but I could use someone like you for a job I have in mind.” Enraged, I screamed, “I'd rather die than work for the likes of you. I'll never work a slave! I know what it's like!” He suddenly withdrew a sword from his belt and cut into my leg.“Wrong answer.” He growled and I let out a scream. “I killed Wolfgang's parents. And that cockroach escaped by some stroke of luck. But you'll probably never see her again. The galaxy’s a big place.” He let the sword sink deeper into my leg as I screamed louder. “I really think it's a pity you don't want to work for me. I'll just take this as a sample for my scientists.” Warm blood soaked the blankets and I started to see spots. “I'll give you one more chance. Are you working for me or not?” With complete disgust and an almost desperate gasp of air, I let out my response, “yes.” I heard the sword hit the table, and my severed leg was wrapped. “Get that taken care of” he ordered the nurse as he exited. The room went black.
My current days are worse than my slave days. I no longer live in filth or darkness, but the job is harder to endure. Grindolff, my boss, put me in charge of torture and discipline. When a new shipment arrives, I have to make sure none tries to escape and procedure is in order. If any misbehaved, they were taken to me and were punished. I was given a battery backpack, it was easy to store energy. Electric poles were set up for my disposal. I could give my target a light zap to keep them in check or an excruciating electrocution. They kept a heavier eye on me than when I was a slave. My leg was a reminder not to try anything too brash, but they did grant me a new leg, fashioned into a hook. They had the decency to send me a general analysis of my leg. At least one of my parents was a Phantasmic. Any other information was withheld. Once a month, I was to come on slave capture missions. I could steal the electricity from a room, making it dark or blow out a generator. At times, Grindolff had me electrocute enemies. But it pained me to see beings ripped from families, institutions, lives. But I was not allowed to show empathy under watching eyes. Any chance I got, which was often rare, I tried to slip something, maybe an apple, to a slave. My days with Wolfgang are over. If she saw what I've become, she would hate me. But the chances I'd see her again are slim to nothing, so I push her out of my mind. But I am sorry I couldn't run by her side.

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