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Post by Wolfgang on Fri Jul 24, 2015 1:42 pm

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Wolfgang, peoples. Wolfga11


Manic: Able to sense emotions; able to temporarily deprive sensory upon touch


heightened emotion, blind in left eye, deaf in left ear, no feeling in left hand, cannot smell or taste sweet things

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Live-in house keeper



Wolfgang has one brown eye (the right), the left due to her blindness in that particular eye is a pale blue. She has dark skin and a rather thicker build. If not for her love for boxing and kickboxing, she would be heavyset from her obsession with food. As a result of her exercise, she is quite muscular, (for a female if I dare say) particularly her thighs. She prefers to have her hair long, since having her hair short reminds her of her slave days. She likes to wear pigtails and her hair is rather straight. She has a round face and thick eyebrows. She prefers to wear tight clothing, it makes her feel swift, and is rather fond of vests and boots. Her fashion sense isn’t always…. Stylish, but that is what is comfortable for her.

Wolfgang has a heightened sense of emotion which can make her seem over dramatic at times but for the most part she keeps to herself and is quite timid. She likes to smile, it just seems to make things better. Although she doesn’t talk much and hasn’t had education, she has a good heart. Her passion for her friends are unmatched after losing her first best friend whom she misses often, Danika.

flowers, seeing the beauty in everything (particularly things not considered beautiful), soft things, classical music, cinnamon gum, animals, boxing/kickboxing, observing people

getting in trouble, taking risks, intolerant and presumptuous people, when people accuse her dislikes of being unreasonable, clocks, rain, being alone

She has a minor food obsession, particularly things that are generally sweet but have flavors that aren’t (cinnamon gum, rice pudding, tea). She wants to learn to read.

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This Broken Soul- Rebecca Kneubuhl

Age: 17
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