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Post by Omniel on Thu May 14, 2015 6:10 pm

Within this galaxy, bandits reign. As the year 3028 fast approaches, tensions between the two pundit legions of the Beta and Gamma sectors of the Lyliath interplanetary system wreak havoc upon the economically unstable. The smuggling cartels carry enormous amounts of contraband over boundary lines — namely, the most recent aspiration in genetic engineering: Synthetic Plasmic Rhydondra, or [SPR]. Contained in small, clear vials of crystalline colors, each injection contains a unique, body-altering side-affect. But it comes with a cost. The replacement of one chromosome causes the occurence of an anti-affect, or rather, a negative side-affect. If one were to take multiple vials, then with the replacement of multiple chromosomes comes weakness with the strength.
When the classic Plasmic Rhydondra [PR] vials were commercially released in 3003, beings flocked to the distribution center in hopes of acquiring a new-found power; riots broke into the building, stripping the center of its named product, leaving the thieves stuffing their pockets with odds and ends. Through this method, vials were distributed across the black market sectors for absurdly high prices, and a term was coined for those lucky enough to inject. Phantasmics were the new age breed. With this came the birth of a form of space piracy like none had seen for centuries.
Soon after the distribution of [PR], the project was terminated due to an overlooked malfunction; in most cases, [PR] users perished merely weeks after injection, for the chromosome switch replaced either a major bodily function or created susceptibility to foreign disease. As injected numbers fell, [PR] vials dwindled in number.
Phantasmics in 3028 are a rare breed; they carry a shared special ability — luck. Researchers seek out survivors to deconstruct genetics; overlords and generals seek them for power. Most live on the run, are in hiding, or have transformed into bandits themselves, smuggling [SPR] — an underground line of body enhancement drugs. Though similar in nature to [PR], [SPR] contains a less pure strain, resulting in a 98% (for one strain) survival rate, but at lesser power than Phantasmics. Manics, though with lesser powers, tend to take in multiple strains to push bodily limits and increase potential power.
With the fall of the Beta Crypt ringleader Aegeon Kah comes the dawning of power of the Gamma Centurion warlord, Jaqren Kahn, a tyrannical beast of a man bent on total monopoly of the sectors. With the Beta throne for the taking, some choose to fight for one side; some elect to fight for a cause; others fight for survival.
Which do you choose?

Age: 22
LC: 510
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