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Post by Y'lynne on Mon Jul 20, 2015 1:07 pm

Manics were created as a result of the increase in [ᴘʀ]smuggling and demand. Small, advanced groups developed research on the original strain, working to eradicate negative effects. Due to this, Synthetic Plasmic Rhydondra [sᴘʀ] was created as an underground line of body-enhancement drugs.

Though similar in nature to [ᴘʀ], it contains a less pure, modified strain, resulting in a 90% (per strain) survival rate, allowing for safer injections. Vials of [sᴘʀ] contain lesser effects that mutate chromosomes, rather than replacing them altogether. This generates more passive effects such as night vision, tougher skin, climate or oxygen deficiency resistance, and added features like wings and gills.

Manics, though with lesser powers, tend to take in multiple strains to push bodily limits and increase potential power, but each injection reduces likelihood of survival by 30%. On average, each Manic injects a limit of two to three vials, depending on racial and genetic potential.

If a [sᴘʀ] user attempts to inject a strain of [ᴘʀ], they will perish. No exceptions.

Offspring of manics tend to have little to no power, but they begin with lesser chances of strain survival if they choose to attempt to take [sᴘʀ]. If injected with [ᴘʀ], they have a 5% chance of survival.
Despite this weakness, these offspring have a great sense of intuition and have what appear to be "ghost" sensations of power and heightened ability.

The Beta Crypt and Gamma Centurion empires were built on the foundations of [sᴘʀ], so those who identify as Manics are typically:

  • Cartel members and allies
  • Cartel deserters
  • Consumers (meaning that you are wealthy)
  • Thieves
  • Members of the Government
    Basically, anyone who has contact with these factions has the potential to somehow posses a vial of [sᴘʀ].

Age: 23
LC: 560
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