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Post by Y'lynne on Mon Jul 20, 2015 12:27 pm

Phantasmics emerged as a result of genetic experimentation conducted by ExoCorp and sponsored by the Tribune of The Capital. Plasmic Rhydondra [ᴘʀ] vials were commercially released to the public in 3003, and beings flocked to the distribution center in hopes of acquiring a new-found power. The scene was madness. Riots broke into the building, stripping the center of its named product, leaving the thieves stuffing their pockets with odds and ends. After the fervor, vials were distributed across the black market sectors at absurdly high prices, and with this came the birth of a form of space piracy like none had seen for centuries.

A term was coined for those lucky enough to receive the chance inject — "Phantasmics" were the new age breed. They were known to posses extraordinary abilities, almost like the superpowers spoken of in picturesque literature (AKA comic books) one millennium ago. Injectors housed capabilities to toss large shipping containers with a flick of their wrists or had the ability of regenerative healing. Some grew off appendages, or had the ability to change color and shape at will. The general public looked on in awe. Perhaps these powers could be a sign of unity — a new age of peace and technological advancement, and a way of survival in the harsh conditions of the new world.

Soon after the distribution of [ᴘʀ], the project was terminated due to an overlooked malfunction in mass production. A mere fifty percent of injectors lasted through the conversion process, during which one bodily chromosome was reconstructed or mutated entirely. In most survivor cases, 40% of the users perished merely weeks after injection, for the chromosome switch replaced either a major bodily function or created susceptibility to foreign disease. As injected numbers fell, [ᴘʀ] vials dwindled in number.
Phantasmics in 3028 are a rare breed; they are linked by bloodshed and carry a shared trait — luck. Researchers constantly conduct witch hunts for survivors to deconstruct, evaluate, and exploit [ᴘʀ] genetics; overlords and generals seek them for power. Most live on the run, are in hiding, or have transformed into bandits themselves.

In recent research, a new generation of Phantasmic children has been discovered. After 25 years of hiding, this group of users is just now emerging into adulthood. They are products of their parents, possessing an adapted higher chance of survival at birth, as their altered chromosomes were produced at birth.

Offspring of two Phantasmics may experience any of the following effects:

  • A lesser, but combined effect of both parents to create a new result. (AKA
  • Adopting of only one power from a parent at equal strength.
  • The ability to switch between two powers, but inability to do so at will. (AKA random chance).
  • A similar power to that of the parents, but altered or specified in some way.
  • Occasional powers that appear at random times.
  • No powers.

If Phantasmics (or children of Phantasmics) are injected with [sᴘʀ], they will fall into an irreversible coma and burn up from the inside. It would take nothing short of a miracle for a fraction of survival.

Click here to see a list of all known Phantasmic and Manic Users.

(If you intend on making a Phantasmic character, feel free to message Y'lynne for help or further explanation.)

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LC: 560
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