The Beginning of Qomorah Maantvrii

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The Beginning of Qomorah Maantvrii  Empty The Beginning of Qomorah Maantvrii

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The Jorrindo planet is one of peace but since the people are a tough lizard looking race other species of life at first see them as terrifying;though scary looking they are actually a kindhearted race .The people of Joriindo called Vriijor are human like creatures covered in scales and have horns usually on there heads and spine.Despite being a reptilian race most grow hair on their heads,eyebrows,and eyelashes ; they are also warm blooded. They are on average six feet tall ,have black colored nails, extremely flexible spines,and sharp teeth. With all these adaptations the Vriijor have become a extremely successful race that has been heard about throughout most of the galaxy. Qomorah lived on Joriindo for most of her childhood living a normal VriiJor life.She was born with light purple scales and cyan blue hair making her quite pretty (for a Vriijor colors are extremely important in their culture) . Being raised in good community she grew like any normal Vriijor would , until her family decided to join the Joriindo Galaxy Arms Operation or commonly known as J-GAO when she was 12.The J-GAO is a program to help other races in need of a new food/water source  or new planet to call their own.It was founded after planet called earth had been so polluted by its race called humans that they needed to recolonize on another star system before their race died out. Ever since the Vriijor recolonized them the human race has thrived and eventually became space-bound in 2679. The J-GAO program now has many races and connections around the universe. Qomorahs family joined for this reason , to help people , but things didn't go out as planned. While traveling with a her parents and other J-GAO members to interview a newly settled colony the ship was attacked by space pirates. The pirates crashed the ship onto a a barren planet and then followed down as well. Her parents died instantly protecting Qomorah as she blacked out hearing screams and smelling fire. She awoke in the back of the ship in storage .... remembering that she had fallen into comforting arms she looked around but did not see her parents.As for the other members she was traveling with she thought that they had either died too or had been lost onto the planet somewhere.She wanted to cry but stopped when she heard footsteps coming. She whimpered hoping for her parents but was sadden at the sigh of pirates.They came with a purpose and were looking for something around the storage as they came closer to her.She hid from sight and listened closely to their banter.
"DAMN!I could have sworn this was the ship ,what are we going to do now !" groaned a young pirate.
"No,no,no,no we must have missed the shipment...." cried another pirate.
All the talking that Qomorah heard from the pirates was like this , very nervous and about some other ship.She gathered that the J-GAO got mixed up for some other ship that they where looking. At a lose for words from such a horrible tragedy she dozed off stayed in her spot wondering why this ship , why her ship . She was then brought back to reality as she noticed all the piratestalking stopped suddenly . Peaking around the corner she saw a old fierce looking man in a black jacket and hat. Instantly she knew ,this was the captain.
"Well crew ....well done.".He sneered ."You successfully took down a peace core ship with no guards,
no guns, no Lc , and NO BLOODY SPR!!!".Growing from sarcasm to anger the captain roared as
his crew flinched.
"Now when I said that we where hunting Jazargo I MEANT JAZARGO not JGAO! I take ONE nap and my ship
almost crashes on a wasteland of a planet ,missing our REAL target , and now we have blood
on our hands!".He moaned in frustration
It was now that Qomorah become scared and angry at once. How would she get off this planet? When would the J-GAO find her? What is SPR? When wou.... She was cut off thinking because
she now had to think of something fast after the pirate captain cooled down and said
"Right..... Now go look for survivors *pfft if there are any* and bring them to me. Gotta cover
this up and get back to our goal YEAH?!
"YEAH!". His crew exclaimed.
Now being 5 feet tall for a 10 year old is usually a nice thing for Qomorah except whenyour trying to hide in a cramped space on a broken ship from pirates. Getting out was hard as well as being quiet. She ran throughout the metallic halls of her ship trying to find a way out that wasn't blocked by debris. Fate though had a different path for her as when she turned around a sharp corner she rammed into something with a big thud as she fell back. She opened her eyes and saw a stern man with a black cloak .... the captain. Now Qomorah was the only survivor of the pillage ,and deciding what to do with a 10 year old Vriijor was ,well quiet puzzling for this particular captin. The captains name was Jack Sellick, a 40 year old human with a history as big as a star system . He was hardened by his life even he came from somewhere. He started out as a poor boy on a planet that didn't care about him. The only kindness he found was from a Vriijor woman who came to his planet to relocate them . Alas she grew sick and died , and he became lost amonqst the chaos of life. That was a long time ago for him but he still remembered. Qomorah was too strong to be a slave and too young to kill so the captain did the best offer he could do in front of this crew.
"lil girl I'm going to give you a offer and I say this once. Join my crew or ill leave you here with the comfort of your dead, in a couple of months you be joining them."he stated grimlyAnd with those few chooses she muttered "k, I'll... I'll join you.".Years later Qomorah eventually became captain of the ship after Jack retired . He left silently with only a note for Qomorah reading
"It was  nice to see you grow up to be a fine woman, but me ... I'm old for a human being 53. You take care of things for me will ye.".
Qomorah in time disbanded the crew so they could go home to their families and back to normal life,with the ship Sellick kept nice and pristine for travel. Her life for 13 years had been not bad ,as Jack became almost like a father to her. She grew up to become somewhat like him , but deep down she was kept her Vriijor kindness. One day while cleaning her ship she noticed a box that she hadn't seen before under her bed. It was old and had no lock on it. Inside there was another letter from Jack reading
I should have told you when i first met you but i never did. And for the longest time I have kept this ,but i could never use it because of what i did to you. You see, we took down that ship along with your parents for such a selfish reason. I killed all those people for this , and i didn't want that. SPR Qomorah , that's what we where after. A vial of this stuff could give you amazing powers , any power you want ... sure there were some side effects but it was worth it, and yet it turned out it wasn't ... it wasn't worth what I did to you. These days SPR has diminished and turned into a less powerful drug called PR. Does the same stuff with less bad effect but also less power.The people that have a SPR are called Phantasmic's, those who use PR are Manic's. What's there is PR ...., now I couldn't use this for myself and I'm not saying you should either but i felt like I at least needed to owe you this.
Your captain,your friend, Jack
Staring at the letter she felt a little sad but deep down she knew the story of that day went something like that,and she forgave him. According to the letter she looked in the box and there they were ,2 vials of this PR stuff.They were covered in dust as if they have been there for years.She picked them up and dusted them, to find a light blue and gold colored liquid inside the both.It was hard for her to decide what to do with them, but eventually she decided to do it , to become a manic. She took both vials and injected them and like she did once before so long ago she blacked out onto the cold floor. Qomorah woke up hours,days,months later? She didn't know ,what she did know was that she felt .... different and yet not different at the same time. What power had she gotten she wondered looking at her arms where she injected the serum into. It was then she noticed that her scars had seem to vanish with replaced new perfectly find scales. This was odd was her power regenerative? She pull at a scale on her arm which hurt but she had to see. Sadly the scale didn't come back as quick as she thought it would , so regenerative powers out. She poked and prodded and tried any power she though she would have. It came to the point were she sat there with a knife in her hand and without second guessing jabbed it into her arm, but it was deflected by something. It was her scales her scales were hard? no, they were more than hard they where really hard like steel hard, no harder?She had finally found out one of her powers! She had diamond hard scales/skin.That was neat she thought but what was the other one.
"I don't think I want to try killing myself again." she whispered to herself.
Maybe in time she wondered , she would find out. For now she has her ship the Stellick and begins traveling the stars to find maybe other Manics or Phantasmics?

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