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Post by Y'lynne on Sat May 16, 2015 11:48 pm

Upon joining the Lyliath Interplanetary Rebellion Institution, new recruits receive 500LC, a small adventure bag [holds 12 units], and an initiate room [holds 12 units — 7 are taken already] with a [1] simple chair, [2] table, and [4] twin bed. Larger rooms may be purchased through the Rebellion market, and each room size has a furniture unit capacity [each piece of furniture will be assigned a unit size]. Initiate rooms may only have one occupant [members may have roommates for further size rooms, BUT for each piece of furniture purchased, each roommate pays half of the expense due to both roommates using it].

Your room will be FINED for unorganized behavior if a superior officer discovers the issue.
In contrast, your room may be REWARDED on luxury scale at the end of each grading period.

Room Utilities [Numbers Assigned before are Room Units. Numbers After are Storage Units.]
An initiate's room has a score of 4 Luxury Points. Scores will be calculated after each season.

You may purchase furniture and upgrades below through comments. All purchased furniture will be edited into your profile once the transaction is processed.

Room Score < 10 = No Reward
Room Score 10-15 = 400LC
Room Score 16-20 = 600LC
Room Score 21-25 = 800LC
Room Score 26-30 = 1000LC
Room Score 31-35 = 1200LC

[0100LC] [0] Funky Door Sign [+1 Luxury Point]
[0100LC] [0] Stuffed Animal (Storage Required =1) [+1 Luxury Point]
[0100LC] [1] Extra Pillow [+1 Luxury Point]
[0100LC] [0] Small Rug [+1 Luxury Point]
[0200LC] [1] Laundry Hamper [4 clothing units] [+1 Luxury Point] [-2 Luxury Points if not owned]
[0200LC] [2] Writing Desk [Stores 3 Units] [+1 Luxury Point]
[0200LC] [0] Videogame (Storage Required =1) [+1 Luxury Point]
[0300LC] [1] Small Storage Bin [Stores 4 Units] [+1 Luxury Point]
[0400LC] [2] Microwave [+2 Luxury Points]
[0400LC] [0] Large Floor Rug [+2 Luxury Points]
[0500LC] [2] Mini Refrigerator (Stores 6 Food Units) [+2 Luxury Points]
[0500LC] [2] Small Sound System [+2 Luxury Points]
[0500LC] [2] Dinky Loser TV [lol] [+2 Luxury Points]
[0700LC] [1] Lava Lamp (Storage Required =1) [+3 Luxury Points]
[0700LC] [3] Plush Chair [+4 Luxury Points]
[0700LC] [1] Game System [+4 Luxury Points]
[0700LC] [2] Large Chest [Stores 8 Units] [+4 Luxury Points]
[0800LC] [4] Twin Bunk Beds [+5 Luxury Points]
[0800LC] [4] Futon [+5 Luxury Points]
[0900LC] [3] Large Desk [Stores 6 Units] [+5 Luxury Points]
[1000LC] [4] Loveseat [+6 Luxury Points]
[1000LC] [3] Large Refrigerator (Stores 12 Food Units) [+6 Luxury Points]
[1100LC] [5] Full Size Bed [+7 Luxury Points]
[1100LC] [2] Laptop [+7 Luxury Points]
[1200LC] [4] Deluxe Sound System [+8 Luxury Points]
[1300LC] [5] Leather Couch [+9 Luxury Points]
[1300LC] [3] Computer [+8 Luxury Points]
[1400LC] [4] Large Plasma TV [+10 Luxury Points]
[2000LC] [6] Queen Size Bed [+15 Luxury Points]

Rooms and Services
[0300LC] Move-Your-Stuff Fee (If you don't want to pay, you must track down 3 gracious beings to help you.)
[0500LC] Room Reassignment Fee (If you want to move out, you must pay.)
[1500LC] Medium Room [Houses 20 Units]
[3000LC] Large Room [Houses 26 Units]
[5000LC] Luxury Room [Houses 34 Units]

Age: 23
LC: 560
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