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Post by Y'lynne on Sat May 16, 2015 11:23 pm

All registered residents are listed in alphabetical order by first name.

Beta Crypt
Gamma Centurion
Lyliath Interplanetary Rebellion

Phantasmic Directory

  • Aliyhe Egpia
    + Energy/Power Absorption
    - Lack of Control/Overheating

  • Danika

  • Dorian Zanardi
    - Has no clue what his power is.
    - But he can become anemic at times.

  • Omniel Tamree
    + Mind Reading/Control
    - Potential Overload/Uses Life Force

  • Y'lynne Dirhorn
    + Bone Manipulation
    - Estrogen Deficiency

Manic Directory

  • Mynoka Karakal
    + Sixth Sense (Sees life through auras of color)
    - Blind to all things non-living.

  • Qomorah Maantvrii
    + Diamond Scales
    + Night Vision
    - Calcium Deficient

  • Savrix Tr'arnh
    + Extreme hearing ability
    + Moderately heat-resistant skin
    - Sound-induced headaches
    - Fairly brittle bones

  • Wolfgang
    + Emotion Sense
    + Sensory Deprivation
    - Heightened Emotion
    - Blind in Left Eye, Deaf in One Ear, No Feeling in Left Hand
    - Cannot Taste/Smell Sweet Things

  • Zephir
    + Muscular Enhancement
    + Enhanced Reflexes
    - Chronic Fatigue and Lethargy
    - Higher Metabolism (which leads to insomnia)
    - Cannot place much stress on skeletal system


Age: 23
LC: 560
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