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  • Human [HYOO-man]

    After the self-destruction of their home planet, surviving humans who had already migrated and adapted into the Lyliath galactic system were heavily persecuted in previous years. They existed as integrated specimens, striving to live in unfamiliar worlds until Jonah Scyon, human rights activist and business man, sought diplomacy and united many (not only humans) under an allied banner for the betterment of his kind. He approached the Interplanetary Council in 3001 with the dream of a new organizational structure; they declined, and Jonah was ridiculed as a believer in all things futile.
    Through crowdfunding and political bargaining, he purchased a medium-sized chunk of a planet and began to work his plans of innovation. Developing unified scholastic and currency systems, he constructed factories and raised an empire. Humans finally possessed a safe haven from prejudice. Jonah approached the Council once more and was sanctioned for the rights of naming his empire as the capital of the newly formed Lyliath Interplanetary Region, with Jonah sitting as the head of the Tribune.
    As more specimens arrived in the city, the persecution ensued once more, and humans were driven to all walks of life, from slums and slavery to riches and success.
    In truth, humans currently seek any area that demonstrates equality and understanding. They have no known affiliation and are known to be wild cards — unpredictable and free from the ties of racial duty. They are not known to be in favor of any faction and at times may persecute against their own kind.

  • Kuktchhian

  • Mirtethian [Meer-teth-e-an]

    - General Appearance
    Mirtethians generally have slender-humanoid body types. Their skin tones range from a pale tan to darker. Natural hair colors range from black to auburn. And the typical eye colors are brown or green.
    -Notable Features
    The most notable features of a Mirtethian are their tails, ears, and the slight snout of their noses. Mirtethians have the animalist structures of a forest creatures.
    - About Mirteth
    Mirteth is a predominantly forest planet. It has a few large cities where most of the foreign population resides. The three main cities are the capital, Ori, Mareese, and Darmee. The large cities are also where most of the business and trade is done. Besides those large cities there a villages that are located in many of the forests. The villages are mostly located in the trees. Though most of the villages are made with natural materials from Mirteth, they are not wanting in technological conveniences.
    - Racial Temperament
    Mirtethians are for the most a gentle folk with many never straying too far from the village they were raised in. While many remain outside of the cities they are not lacking in intelligence. Many Mirtethians become inventors of things to help people better their lives. Mirtethians abhor violence of any sort.
    - Cultural Tendencies
    Family is the most important thing to a Mirtethian. They will do anything to protect them. This is why many Mirtethians died when PR was introduced. Mirtethians took to the drugs very well, but the side effects were in many cases too high a cost. The Mirtethians fought against being used to create Phantasmics. Many Mirtethians have banned the mere mention of PR and anyone using SPR is usually cast out for endangering their family.
    Mirtethians also highly value creativity and creation. Mirteth is know all over the galaxy for its armour. It is all handcrafted and will deflect most blaster shots and blades. It is lightweight and can be made in a variety of colors. Mirtheians are also known for their literature and art.
    -Faction Alignment
    Mirtethians will typically remain unaffiliated, unless a particular faction means to harm their family or they feel like a faction will ensure the survival of their family. Mirteth’s forest are generally a neutral area, but the cities tend to lean towards whoever is bringing that particular city business.

  • Ngmoran  [eeng-MOOR-ahn]

    The people of Ngmora are, simply put, one with traditions of those long past. Based as a major hub between the Gamma Centurion Empire and The Capital, their planet is an essential resource for the power-hungry leader, Jaqren L'hai. They are a war-like tribe that seeks honor and validation through prowess in combat, economics, and individual talent, and they honor ancestors through passing down combat techniques to their offspring.
    Both males and females stand around the stature of 5 feet and 10 inches to 6.5 feet, and their shoes tend to run on the large side, ranging from size 17 to 20. Their fingers and toes sport five digits, but they are broader than those of their human cousin race. Their eyes have hues between goldenrod yellow, silver, royal blue, and black. Ngmoran skin ranges from a mild slate gray, to a dark slate blue or purple. Shades of color grow more vivid as they tan. Examples: xXx
    Ngmorans tend to shave parts of their hair (which ranges from deep midnight blue to shades of white) to display bodily piercings on their elongated ears and face. Earrings are distributed as symbols of strength, trade, skill, and coming of age; once a tribe member reaches 4 earrings (usually around the age of 14), he or she is considered grown and may venture on a first voyage.
    From the backsides dangle long tails with fans of hair that begin 3/4 of the way down the surface. Males tend to have shorter, broader tails, while females posses ones that are more slender and elongated. They are used in Ngmoran combat techniques as a distraction, and can be used to lessen heat from the sun. Many dye their tails based on heritage and profession.
    This race is known for its relaxed nature but can be quick to anger. They are fiercely loyal and will defend their own to their deaths. The Ngmoran people are aligned with the Gamma Centurion due to vital monetary support from the [sᴘʀ] trade ring. In addition, they supply Adaran, a mineral utilized in weaponry production, to many of The Capital's large armament manufacturers.

  • Vriijor  [VREE-jor]

    The natives of Joriindo are anthropomorphic reptiles with lifespans and prosperity that far surpass those of many other species. As the Vriijor evolved, they had to survive the fight against various competing creatures on their planet, which made them very hardy and adaptable. The species has grown significantly over time, with their nature adapting from that of inhumane killers to a naturally calm, helpful, and peaceful species.
    They are omnivorous and must consume a surprising amount of calcium in their lifetimes (given on Joriindo the animals are very large).
    On average, females are 7 feet tall and males are 6 feet. Vriijor are warm blooded, covered in scales, and can grow horns on their heads and flexible spines. They also have black-colored nails and sharp teeth. Their eyes are most commonly yellow with slit pupils, but shades can range from a spectrum of the color wheel. Despite being a reptilian race, most grow hair on their heads, eyebrows, and eyelashes. Skin and hair color are important factors in the Vriijor race — the more vibrant in color, the more beautiful the Vriijor.
    Vriijor are considered adults when they are 16 because at this age their brains and bodies have become fully developed. They are smart but have a hard time with communicating exact thoughts and feelings to other species.
    At this point they are an unaffiliated race, but their good natures tend to place them as good candidates for the Lyliath Interplanetary Rebellion.

Age: 23
LC: 560
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