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Post by Y'lynne on Sat May 16, 2015 11:04 pm

The Capital

Located in the nucleus of the Lyliath Interplanetary system, The Capital thrives as a main hub of commerce. Consisting of a menagerie of diversity and lifestyles, the deadened planet sustains itself through politics and trade. It is incapable of producing biomatter, as the atmosphere is encased in a black shroud; for this, the large landmass is known for its displays of multitudes of lights.

The largest city on The Capital is named the Apex — within which the Tribune building towers far above the citizens. The 12 Consuls pass judgement for the entirety of The Capitol through frequent electronic scans of mental criminal aptitude; through this, the enforcement system determines the fate of the one scanned, as determined by the value of the number. Medicine has been developed in order to treat this latent miscreant behavior, but it tends to run on the costly side.

The Apex is home to The Lyliath Interplanetary Rebellion Institution, but its location is hidden to those who are unaffiliated. It also houses Astyx and Gen. 6 — two major competing producers of industrial-grade equipment. The area surrounding the factories is typically regarded as the slums and connects to the dockyard. While most of the city lives in luxury, this lower district is managed in an under-the-table manner and houses many who are affiliated with the synthetic drug production cartel.

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LC: 560
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