How Does 'Phantasmics' Work?

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How Does 'Phantasmics' Work? Empty How Does 'Phantasmics' Work?

Post by Y'lynne on Sat May 16, 2015 5:25 pm


Structure wise, one person will make a post, and another person may jump in and continue/respond to the last post, but shift the character perspective.

X Posts: X did a tactical roll and fired his gun as Y's leg.
Y Posts: Y noticed the intent to kill, but was slow in reacting because of medication. As the shot fired from the barrel, she moved just slightly to the left, and the bullet grazed her outer thigh. She fell onto the ground, clutching her wound.
X Posts: Noticing his attack was a success, X backed away from his target's reach to recuperate. From behind, the whir of a ship's engine startled him.

Not all posts are required to interact with one another!

If your characters are in different places, it may look like this!

X Posts: X browsed the marketplace for a good idea for a birthday present for Y. He stopped at a jewel stall, inspecting the wares as he wondered about the perfect gift.
Y Posts: Y walked to the kitchen to make some instant noodles. She was hungry. As she microwaved her meal, she really wondered where the heck X was. As the water scalded her lips, she wrinkled her brow in shock.
Z Posts: Z walked into the kitchen to find Y — a frustrated look plastered across her face. She sauntered forward and peered into the cup to find that the noodles were overcooked! "Oh my!"

Where is this story going??
Wherever it takes us! I am open for ideas!
I have been thinking that our characters will join up to be on the same team, and will be assigned missions to partake in. With each mission, you may earn both money [for character necessities], as well as xp!
An xp bar will last for ONE MISSION ONLY. Once the mission is over, it RESETS. The person that earns the most xp over the mission will be designated as the leader for the next mission! This means that they get a greater chance to control where the story is headed!
If a mission is fully carried out by a leader, then they receive a rank up and will have a greater social standing in the organization, and will unlock access to different things to buy in the shop!
The catch is that if you lead a mission, you must wait for two missions to complete afterward in order to be eligible to lead again!

XP will be earned through a per-post evaluation of word count, grammar, and readability (complexity) level. You will be rewarded for longer posts and for advanced content.

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