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Post by Y'lynne on Sat May 16, 2015 5:22 pm

This will be a semi-literate roleplay, meaning there will be a set minimum of 100 words per reply (but I would shoot for 150!). There is no set maximum. Please try to check your grammar before posting!

In this roleplay, we will work to create a story together through character interaction and creativity.
In order for this to be MOST EFFECTIVE:

1. There are no limits placed on violence and gore.

2. NO SMUT: No one wants to read that. You're welcome to keep such things in private messages, but please don't make this forum NSFW.

3. NO MARY-SUEing: Meaning, your character is not invincible and oh-so-amazing and perfect. If all our characters were invincible, this would be very boring! I added the clause of having negative effects to powers in order to prevent this, so we should be fine.

4. NO POWER-PLAYing: I know that it's tempting to move or control another person's character, but don't do it! Let them respond to your actions in his or her own time! This includes not killing a character off without the owner's consent. (Probably best to avoid killing characters unless approached by another user on request.)

Examples of Power-Play (No-Nos!):
— "**Character** said, "Come with me!" And so, **Other person's character** did.
— "A then stabbed the crap outta B's arm and he/she bled to death on the ground and blah blah blah."

Good Examples:
— "Come with me!" A said as he/she headed out the door, hoping that B would follow. [Person B would then get to choose whether to follow, or not.]
— "A swung his/her blade at B, aiming for a vital spot." [NOT hitting them. Just swinging at them. B gets to decide if he or she has the skill level to dodge!]

5. When talking, try to DESCRIBE BEHIND DIALOGUE: Include how your character feels internally, and how he or she reacts/interacts to the environment.

Example of flat dialogue (Meaning, the details aren't creating a scene.)
— A's Post: "A asked B, "Are you sure you're okay?" She put her hand on B's shoulder. The room was so quiet. The plant in the corner was a nice color. The tea on the table was blue. A bird had flown by the window. Etc.

— B's Post: B replied, "Yeah, I'm okay. How was work?" She picked up her tea. The waiter walked by. The clock was really loud.

Example of in-depth dialogue:
— A's Post: As they talked, the duo entered the shade of the restaurant by the lake. The tone of the conversation had surely taken a turn as the placid expression across B's face grew more troublesome by the second. Reaching his/her arm to touch B's shoulder reassuringly, A gently whispered, "Are you sure that you're okay?" The light from the lanterns above the finely-decorated tabletops played with the emotion in her eyes as she attempted to meet B's gaze. He/She bit her lip nervously, waiting. Surely there was nothing to worry about, right? B was his/her friend. Inside, he/she felt the invisible wall between them growing more distant as the pause grew in length.
— B's Post: A's touch felt soft against B's skin...and warm. A ray of light that worked to part his/her clouded thoughts. B raised his/her head and forced a thin grin in the darkened room, his/her eyes partially shielded by the wisps of hair that clung to the lashes with salted tears. "Yeah..." he/she trailed off. "I'm fine." B averted his/her gaze toward the fountain trickling in the center of the room as he/she attempted to fight back the tears. A was sometimes too caring. It made the emotions seep out of his/her heart; they wanted to cry out to him/her — wanted his/her comfort and acceptance, but were suppressed. Swallowing hard, B managed to choke up, "H-how was work today?" as the waiter approached to seat them.

Inner thoughts help other players write appropriate responses to your character! More detail = more description and feeling — meaning, replies will be easier!

Just because your character's inner dialogue tells the writer of his or her intentions doesn't mean that his or her character knows just what you're thinking!

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